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GEObit is based in the Western Greece, the most seismically active place in Europe. Our involvement with Geophysical & Seismological Instruments starts at the early 2000’s as instrument designers and field support for geophysical companies. During this period, we have designed and manufactured several types of seismic monitoring instruments, focusing in low cost, easy of use, very low power consumption and high reliability. Our instruments have been used in hundreds at projects in the most difficult conditions and harsh environments, worldwide, from Papua jungle, and Middle East Desert to Himalayan Mountains and Alaska Icy terrain. We are more than happy that they never had any operational problem or fail.

Our company bears all the accumulated experience of the past years, broadens its activities into new geophysical applications and launches commercial co operations as well as new products in the geophysical / seismological sector.

Our target is to supply the industry with portable, low power, low cost, geophysical and seismological instruments, such as 32bit seismic digitizers & recorders, wide-band seismic sensors and processing software, for exploration geophysics and seismology. Our instruments are ideal for local and regional seismicity and micro-seismicity monitoring and for seismic events such as those induced by unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (e.g. hydraulic fracturing).

Our high fidelity digitisers/recorders ensure that these signals are recorded with the highest resolution and accurate timing. They can be networked over seedlink telemetry providing real time monitoring networks.

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